Radiopark serves music for gourmet restaurant “Haerlin” at the Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons in Hamburg.

The banquet rooms of the Grand Hotel on the shores of Hamburg’s Alster river, will from now on as well be filled with curated music.

The gourmet restaurant “Haerlin” in Hamburg’s Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons is Radiopark’s newest venue. Since July 2019, the Hanseatic music experts have been serving spot-on music programs for Michelin Award winning creations and treasures from their wine cellar. As always, requirements are very individual: “Haerlin”, as one of the best restaurants in the country for years, is elegant and classic with chandeliers and art works from the past century. The menu includes dishes like Crab with Cauliflower, Pisco Sour & Lima Cream or Limousin Lamb with Sesame, Anchovies, Morels & jus Valreás.

„Our task is to capture and enhance the atmosphere with music.“

For the exquisite “Gaumenparty“ menu, Radiopark’s sound chefs created an individual music program that matches the served aromas without stealing them the show. „Of course, first and foremost the guests come for the first-class cuisine. They have very high expectations and want to experience an unforgettable evening. Our task is to capture and enhance the atmosphere with music“, explains Radiopark Managing Director Arndt-Helge Grap. The choice of music allows the restaurants overall concept to be experienced emotionally and also takes the interior design and brand into account.

Instead of relying on algorithms, at Radiopark sound worlds are curated and regularly updated by 20 experienced music editors and musicians with an assured sense of style. A specially developed, sophisticated technology ensures an easy way to run the music programs at the “Haerlin” and the banquet rooms of the 5-star luxury hotel, because an excellent gourmet menu demands an innovative listening experience at the highest level.

Foto credit: Guido Leifhelm

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