„The times are a changing“… Radiopark of course constantly evolves and is always on the pulse of time.

Back in the days, a lot of businesses still worked with CD-changer (at best!) and shuffled the tracks. This of course led to involuntarily changes in the mood, because a randomized play out of the music can not assist a ambience one wants to achieve in the respective locations of cruise ships, hotels, retail stores or restaurants.

Radiopark General Manager and his team presented a new solution back then using mp3-files and professionally planned music-programs, with daily fresh playlists and day-parting. That is the „spirit“ of our ambient-music. But to play the music in the locations a „body“ is needed, which are our RAMP-media player.

Over the years these devices have evolved as well. From standard PC-sized, to more compact devices up to our current RAMPmini, RAMPtouch. Both versions are small, compact and devoid of movable parts, have small power-consumption, resulting in reliable hardware. Our clients do not have to take care of the music nor have to worry about the hardware.

Of course we provide the devices fitting the clients‘ needs: Whether a 1-channel version such as the RAMPmini playing out automatically a pre-designed channel or a 1-channel player with a variety of more pre-designed channels selectable via touchpanel with our RAMPtouch or a media server, capable of playing out multiple channels simultaneously with our RAMPmulti.

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