In October, Radiopark signed a contract with Travel Charme to provide music for their resorts from the Baltic Sea to the Austrian Alps. We’ve asked Felicia Häuser of Travel Charme a few questions regarding the deal:

What are the current trends in the hotel industry? How does Travel Charme pick them up?

In addition to megatrends such as digitalization and the experience economy, short trips are becoming increasingly important. Moreover, today’s guests attach great importance to individuality. Our advantage: guests spend a lot of time in holiday resorts. This enables intimate exchange with our customers and gives us the chance and to respond to individual preferences. In the future, we will also continue to sharpen the profiles of our hotels and create places with unique storytelling concepts. Radiopark’s curated music enables us to emphasize the individual stories that our houses tell, creating a holistic experience. 

In the future, all Travel Charme hotels will be equipped with Radiopark music programs. How did Radiopark convince you?

Our aim is to use personalized music to emphasize the feelings in our hotels, thereby creating a holistic experience for our guests. Radiopark convinced us in particular that the music can be professionally and individually adapted to the different hotels and outlets, the season and lifestyle groups.

Ambient music may not be the first thought when furnishing a hotel. However, its effect on the customer must not be underestimated. What experiences have you had with background music in hotels, shops or restaurants?

When it comes to creating unique experiences, the atmosphere of the hotel is just as important. The inclusion of human sensory perception plays a major role. Just like colors in design, sounds and music in the background can have a profound influence on a person’s mood and thus have a positive effect on the overall experience.

Music awakens memories. So that the vacation is full of positive moments, also the soundtrack must fit. With what feeling should your guests go home again?

Nowadays it is no longer enough to simply to sell a product or service. When staying with us, we want to give our guests something far greater: special experiences, magical moments, but above all time to process these impressions and moments and transform them into lasting memories.

Visit Travel Charme’s website and maybe you’ll be on your way to your dream vacation soon!

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