Hamburg, 11th March 2020: Radiopark’s newest venues are scattered across the Middle East. TIME Hotels enrich Radiopark’s customer portfolio with a variety of locations. The hotel group from the United Arab Emirates operates hotels in four countries.

Beach holidays in Egypt, shopping trips in Dubai, business meetings in Qatar – refreshment is particularly welcoming at the sunny locations of TIME Hotels. With Radiopark now being responsible for the music, refreshing sounds are also guaranteed. Varied music programs are the specialty of the Hamburg-based company: Using the inherent charm of TIME Hotels, they were able to give all 12 hotels the appropriate acoustic finishing touches.

The hotel chain from the United Arab Emirates – like Radiopark – stands for great variety. TIME Hotels offers everything from a colorful beach resort to an exclusive apartment. For the music experts at Radiopark, the differences between the houses are both a challenge and an incentive. The specialty of their soundscapes is to adapt to the location and the time of day. At breakfast, guests require different music than they would in the evening. During the lunch break, business guests can expect acoustic tones to relax, whereas those who come back from the beach can look forward to summery electro at the bar.

Joseph Fayad, Corporate Director IT, explains the importance of the right music for TIME Hotels: „Our guests are all very individual, but they all have high expectations. You want to feel good and expect first-class service down to the last detail. That is why we play music that adapts to the target group.“ In order to meet the high demands of its customers, Radiopark has developed a special process. Instead of relying on computer-generated playlists, the Hamburg-based company relies on real, tailor-made work. With a team of 20 editors, music lover and General Manager Arndt-Helge Grap selects the right songs for every venue. In this way, the experts guarantee that the music is always tasteful and harmonious at all times. Radiopark not only serves hotels, but has a portfolio consisting of cruise ships, restaurants and shops from all around the world.

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