Be it gastronomy, hotel or retail:

In our times a lot is invested in the interlinking of the online shop with the stationary trade, the establishment and maintenance of social media channels, brainstorming about campaigns, schools and recruiting employees, creating logos and catchy slogans … not to forget that you need a good location that also requires a corresponding investment. This can be the visual starting signal for creating and establishing a brand. You open the store, the restaurant or the location and have thought of almost everything … except for the right music to depict the brand musically.

The brand is represented on site by the appropriate furnishings, committed employees who stand behind the brand and of course the services or goods. You can see the brand, feel it, but not hear it. In fact, we often have inquiries from the hotel, catering and retail sectors to create the right music program when “everything else is already there”. There is also a lot of planning and work involved in creating the acoustic profile. Both have to be in harmony, because it is extremely confusing for customers / guests on site when the visual impression does not coincide with the audible one.

Often people first try to create playlists themselves. This often works well in the beginning, when someone on the team is familiar with music. Then the first comments come from employees or regular guests, who may often be on site at the same time, on the same day: the tracks are repeated or the composition does not fit. Often there is also the personal taste of the employee, which does not necessarily fit the brand or perhaps even seems too „strange“. This employee is absent at the most important place while editing the music: He is not with the customer or with the guest.

What is the best background music? It has to create an ambience in which the guest or customer feels comfortable, which fits the brand without being too intrusive. You should make sure that the playlists or the titles do not repeat themselves too often. In retail, this may not be so bad for customers because here – even if they are regular customers – there is no risk of always being on site at the same time, on the same day. For employees, this can become annoying in the long run and lead to different music being played. In the gastronomy, hotel and of course on cruise ships, there is more of a possibility of being in the same place at the same time: be it the regular customer in restaurants or bars, the business traveler who often stays in the same hotel.

In summary: ambient music for the business is part of the planning in advance and should have the same priority as social media channels, branding, campaigns. The music concept should be the voice of the brand, create a good atmosphere without being intrusive. The sound should represent the brand, but the playlists shouldn’t repeat themselves over and over again. You don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the logo and furnishings, and you shouldn’t rely on the random generator for the music either, it has to be a planned program.

Radiopark will be happy to help you create the acoustic profile for your brand. With many years of experience, we supply premium customers in over 40 countries in the cruise ship, hotel, catering and retail sectors.

Of course, as a full-service provider, Radiopark also offers professional audio planning and supplies the appropriate sound reinforcement equipment so that you get the music and the required equipment from a single source. This results in one contact person for the entire topic of music.

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