The Sound of Luxury

toníque provides the luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin with exclusive sound-styles. The Radiopark Group’s brand can now present an important new customer in the tourism and gastronomy sector. In six venues of the hotel, visitors will soon be able to enjoy the sounds of the music editorial team led by Daniel Stoiber and Walter Marinelli, which now also has a new office in Berlin.

Berlin Mitte ­– where modern zeitgeist and the iconic Grand Hyatt come together. Unlike any other, this five-star hotel stands for the luxurious Berlin. From now on, the composition of stylish design, selected art, and first-class cuisine will be given the final touch: The music profilers from toníque will supply the Grand Hyatt Berlin with a new sound profile, which enhances the ambience of the luxury hotel with exclusive sounds for its different concepts. The Radiopark branch is thereby enriching its customer portfolio with this high-class new client. From 01.10.2020, toníque will also be represented with its own office in Berlin.

Whether at an extravagant dinner, at lunch by the fireplace or even in the sauna – toníque sounds can now be enjoyed in six areas throughout the Grand Hyatt Berlin.  The music experts create unique sounds for the Vox Restaurant and Bar, the Tizian Restaurant and Lobby, the Jamboree Bar and the Spa. It is crucial for every sound concept to translate the building’s character and the design language into an audible concept. The team of DJs, producers and sound designers headed by Daniel Stoiber and Walter Marinelli, can look back on decades of expertise in countless various styles. This qualifies the music editors to design corporate audio styles that are recognizable and always represent the location, season and time of day.

„Anyone visiting a hotel like the Grand Hyatt Berlin has very high expectations – we can only meet them with individually curated sound designs,“ says Daniel Stoiber, music designer at toníque. „Such projects can only succeed with sensitivity for the brand and its target group and with professional know-how for different music styles and sounds“. The Hotel at Potsdamer Platz also is enthusiastic about the cooperation: „To be at the top of the game as a Berlin hotel, every detail has to be perfect. We are very pleased that we chose the toníque music experts, who work with the same high quality standards as our architects, interior designers and of course our own team,“ explains Firass Abdo, Executive Assistant Manager at Grand Hyatt Berlin. toníque’s client portfolio is proof enough to confirm that the Grand Hyatt Berlin has found an excellent and reliable partner in toníque. Their client list includes The Fontenay/Hamburg, Mandarin Oriental/Munich and Porsche, among others.

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