Music from Hamburg for the Seven Seas: Radiopark expands cruise business

Hamburg, 13. June 2022: The Hamburg-based music company Radiopark is consolidating its cooperation with existing cruise customers and launching a new collaboration in the luxury segment with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. In 2022, more cruise ships will set sail with curated sounds from the music experts – further expanding the global market leader in music programming for cruises‘ maritime portfolio.

Just in time for Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami Beach, Radiopark signed a new collaboration: The Hamburg-based music experts will play on the superyachts of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. The agreement thus consolidates Radiopark’s position as world market leader in sound design for the cruise industry.

The collabortation with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is brand new: Evrima is the name of the first yacht of the new luxury cruise line, which will set sail in August 2022. Radiopark is taking over the music design here with customized playlists for all public areas – music that not only matches the mood of the areas, but also the times of day and the cruise destinations.

Radiopark’s General Manager, Arndt-Helge Grap, explains: „At trade shows like Seatrade Cruise, you realize how diverse the cruise industry is. Our customers and their ships are just as diverse, which is why we design new music programs for each new ship. Luxury ships have completely different requirements, but that’s what makes our job so interesting. We find the right sound for every positioning and every destination.“

At Seatrade itself, Radiopark was represented by Marco Santomauro, head of the Fort Lauderdale office, and Daniel Schmuck, Radiopark Berlin.

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