Anyone can surely relate to this: you have an issue to be resolved, let’s say your land line does not work. In our modern times you either chose to call your provider’s hotline or you write an email. You will receive a ticket number. This is the way you will get identified with: a ticket number.

One of the biggest complaints of clients changing from other suppliers to Radiopark and to toníque is obvious. They do not like the music selection. Can you guess the second biggest issue? In case of changes in music programs, malfuntioning hardware or other topics requiring an action from the supplier one does not want to end up as a ticket number. It gets even worse when the client cannot be helped fast because a chain of decision makers have to be asked for approval.

Radiopark supplies ambient music for clients from the cruise ship, hospitality, gastronomy and retail industry since 2003 in over 40 countries. Over the years we have not changed our approach and work ethics: customer satifaction is our ultimate goal and we do not let them wait to see (hear) the results.

Thus it is nothing new for us in reacting fast, flexible and being a steady and reliable partner for our clients. We are always in the #mood to #service you. Feel free to contact us. We promise you will not receive a ticket number when you are in the #mood for a #change.

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